How did you know I was here?


This man is awesome.

Adam is his name, if I remember correctly. He was my server on Saturday, 17 July 2010, when several of us hurried over to the Orlando airport-area Chipotle for a mid-day dinner break from Nerdapalooza. As I approached the register, the server asked “Hey, what’s that in your pocket?” As I removed John and started to explain, he got wide-eyed and excited. “Could I see him?” he asked.

I said only if I could get a photo of them together. Behold!

As I mentioned before, John Locke was lost that day at the Chipotle, never to be seen again. I was deeply distraught over this. When Z. drove us back to the restaurant, I immediately saw Adam, and asked if he’d noticed anything, or had anyone brought John to the lost and found. I was only so upset because I hated to lose something a friend had made, especially so quickly after receiving it.

Let me tell you, Adam went above and beyond. I figured he’d check the counter and ask the other employees if they’d seen John, and that would be it. No, this man amazingly went through the full trash bin, taking it out back to empty it and rummage through, before heading into the office and checking the surveillance videos of our time in the restaurant.

Adam, you impressed me, and if I am ever in Orlando again, I’ll be stopping by your Chipotle to say hello. Even though you couldn’t find John Locke, your resolve to search proved just as strong as mine.

Thank you.


We’re gonna need to watch that again…


August 24, 2010.

This date has been marked on my calendar ever since it was first announced that the entire series of Lost—that’s all six seasons, plus extras—would be released in one super mega collection on both DVD and Blu-ray.

I’ve been waiting since I first closed the box on my borrowed Season 1 DVDs to get my hands on this collection. When my brother asked why I never bought any of the DVDs, I explained that I was patiently waiting for the series to be over and I could buy the super mega collection. “They haven’t announced it yet,” I would say, “but you just know they’re going to have one.”

Oh, yes, they are going to have one, and in just four and a half weeks, it will be mine.

The plan is to immediately start the rewatch and take notes, comparing what I knew on the first time around with what I know now that the series has ended. For each episode, John Locke with have an adventure based on that episode, which I’ll then post to the blog. It’ll be like reliving the past 5 years of my life.

A sacrifice the Island demanded


John Locke was my friend for all of four hours.

It began at Nerdapalooza when I ran into MadHatter, who swept me up into a big hug and told me of the beaded pixel-art sprites he’d be selling that weekend at the Scrub Club table in the vendor area. “I thought of you when I was making John Locke,” he said. That man, he knows me well.

I immediately knew that John and I would be having grand adventures all weekend, and I ventured outside to grab the first few shots: me with John; Z. with John; John foraging for food; John learning more information about “your zombie control experts”.

Sadly, John’s adventures ended quite unceremoniously at the Orlando airport-area Chipotle. Z. was adamant that we “leave no man behind”, but after about an hour of searching (and missing Shael Riley perform), we still could not locate him.

“Should we be on the lookout for a beaded Smoke Monster?”

I sulked, I cried, I accepted hugs of consolation, and I bucked up to return to the awesome epicness of nerdcore and geek rock. MadHatter comforted me with promises that one day, I would indeed see John Locke again.

And with that promise, this blog is born.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some of the photos from my short-lived Nerdapalooza adventures with John. By the time I meet John Locke v.2 (or is that Jeremy Bentham? or the Man in Black?) I’ll be ready for a Lost rewatch with the entire series collection and an at-least-weekly post of the new adventures of John Locke.